The ‘Film Funding Festival’ is an international festival for short films founded by filmmaker Giuseppe Rossi. The festival will selected and screen at the Multisala Cinema Nuovo in Lioni, Italy the best short films from around the world and will assign more than 20 awards.

The festival wants to encourage and promote new filmmakers, so you can submit your short film + the logline of your next short film you are working on.

The best loglines submitted will be awarded with money grants for financing the short films. Total grants up to $5.000.

The competitive categories are:
-Fantasy or Sci-fi
-Action & Adventure
-Under 18

The Festival will assign these awards:

-Best Logline (Pre-Production)
-Best Logline (Production)
-Best Logline (Post-Production)
-Best Logline (Animation)

-Best Drama
-Best Comedy
-Best Fantasy or Sci-fi
-Best Horror
-Best Thriller
-Best Action & Adventure
-Best History
-Best Animation
-Best Student Film
-Best Directing
-Best Actor
-Best Actress
-Best Writing
-Best Cinematography
-Best Editing
-Best Production Design
-Best Costume Design
-Best Original Music
-Best Visual Effects
-Best Sound

We accept narrative short films of any genre, theme and country. It’s not necessary submit also the logline and it will not influence the judges in selection process of the films, but only loglines will be awarded with money grants. Films submitted to the categories Environment and Under 18 are not elegible for the Logline Awards.

Short Films must be 30 minutes maximum.

Any language is accepted, but if dialogues are not in English or Italian, subtitles in English or Italian are required.

By submitting your film, you are allowing the festival to screen the film, promote the film with the elements at our disposal, insert a few seconds from the film in the trailer of the event, publish infos on our website and use the elements listed on your submission in any manner useful to run the festival. 

You must be legit regarding all the necessary rights including music rights appearing in your film.

Films can be submitted only via FilmFreeway. For any questions you can write to:

For the screening of the film at the festival it is required

-a Full HD .mp4 or .mov file;
-at least two 1920 x 1080 JPG or PNG still images from the film;
-a poster;
-a brief biography of the filmmaker.

The winner of the Best Logline Awards should write “In association with Film Funding Festival” in the credits of his short film based on the logline.